About us


Helping People to bring out their best in them, by empowering them to do so.


Providing content rich learning programs and interactions to Individuals and Organisations, that are Innovative, Insightful, Transforming, Empowering and helping them to identify their uniqueness and strengths and putting them to best possible use, with a definite sense of purpose.

About the Organisation

Excel HR is a Corporate training Company, Succesfully training Corporates in Soft Skills and Life Skills for the past nine years.

We, at Excel HR, believe that there is a leader in every one of us. Becoming a leader based on our uniqueness and strengths and leaving a legacy is very much a part of an excellent living.

With this objective in mind, we work with Individuals and Organisations, empowering them to bring out the leader within. In the process, it is possible to live a life of Self Awareness with Freedom to Choose and Create an exhilarating life with a definite sense of Purpose.

Be doing this, it is not only the Individual, but also his Family, Organisation, Society, Nation and Humanity as a whole stands to benefit.

As a Human Resource Training Company, we aim to work with Corporate Clients in various Sectors, in imparting the knowledge on Personal Excellence and Realisation of Human potential. We focus on influencing the people to help them realise their uniqueness, Strengths, potentials and resources and help them in bringing out their best. We intend to train and develop the Human Resource Potential of our clients, so that, the Organisation is benefitted through motivated, focused and highly contributing individuals and teams.


Learning by Doing is the Norm. Many activities, fun filled games and lots of Learnings are inclusive. Lecturettes with Interactions and Group Discussions provide lot of insights to the participants. A friendly atmosphere and implicit humour makes the sessions lively and enjoyable.

Ramasubramanian G

Director & Head (Training)



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