Effective Managerial Skills

Being a manager is not a easy job. Getting things done needs effectiveness and efficiency. Being an effective manager is going beyond being technical and into being motivative, communicative, persuasive, leaderly and much more. For that a manager must first understand himself and also others. He must know what makes people tick, how to push the right buttons and make people willing and wanting to work under him. In short he must be a humane manager. This program brings with lot of learnings and insights into making a manager effective. The focus will be on moving from good to great.. from normal performances to unbelievable performances.

This program with the combination of all the soft skills and life skills, NLP and TA principles just does that..


  • Increased self awareness
  • Increased interpersonal skills
  • Increased motivation and initiative
  • From efficience to effectiveness paradigms
  • Greater influence and direction