Leadership Training

In today's business environment, it is not enough to just control costs or attempt to stay within budget. These times demand innovative solutions and approaches that focus on taking your organization into the future with increase in productivity.

What is needed is an ability to tap into, and fully utilize, the collective talents, energies and ideas of the human resources in an organization. In effect, what is needed is a leadership that can inspire, motivate, bond, influence and be sensitive to the needs of the subordinates.

Leadership takes one into new territory where change, risk, vision, creativity, and challenge become ingrained in one's everyday working style. In the pursuit of excellence, a manager developing as a leader plays a bigger and bigger leadership role. In todays globalised world, organizations look for leaders at all level.

Leaders are not born but made
Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

Program Objectives:

The objectives of the Team Building Workshop are to enable the participants to:

  • Deal with others in a manner that promotes team spirit, cooperation, and open communication.
  • To inspire, motivate, support, bind, influence and be sensitive to the needs of the team members
  • Learn to give & receive feedback effectively.
  • To know about the nature of conflict and how to use it effectively for bringing out the best
  • To learn the Why and How of sublimating the individual ego and it's needs towards the greater good of the team as a whole.
  • To provide an opportunity to practice skills in Team Building & Interpersonal competence.
  • To Enhance the Performance and productivity of the Teams to which they belong.


Day 1
  • Introduction and setting of objectives
  • Principles of learning
  • Proactive team building and it's principles (Activity)
  • Effective Leadership: the focus and vision
  • Enhancing productivity (Activity)
  • The "Leadership Tripod"
  • Communication and influence within the Team
  • Tools for trust building ( activity )
  • Emotional bonding: The five love languages
  • Using the Right brain for emotional connectivity
  • Principles of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Strategising and flexibility
  • Johari's window model for bonding and influence
Day 2
  • Building the qualities of leadership
  • Giving and getting feed back in a positive manner
  • Emphatic listening and responding
  • Understanding conflict and their role in team building
  • Resolving conflicts :The Assertive cooperative paradigm
  • From No to Yes; winning yourself a hearing
  • Productivity and Conflict handling (Lost at Sea game)
  • Life positions and Self esteem
  • Conclusions and feed backs

For Whom:

All executives of the organization at all levels and from all functional areas will find tremendous value from this workshop.


This program is highly interactive, participative and experiential. It is filled with very relevant activities, management games and learnings. The Workshop takes place in enthusiastic, warm and inspiring atmosphere using the most appropriate and interesting methods of training.