NLP Training Programs

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) offers rapid and practical methods for personal growth. NLP is used extensively in business, sales, education, sports, therapy and many other fields.

NLP is now universally considered as the most powerful tool for personal growth. So, what is NLP?
NLP is the study of human behaviour and their thinking patterns, both conscious and unconscious. It is about how our brain works, how we think, feel, communicate, learn, motivate ourselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve goals.

NEURO - refers to our brain and nervous system which processes all the information provided by our five senses.

LINGUISTIC - refers to language, the way we use the language to interpret our sensory experience and how we communicate that experience to ourselves and others.

PROGRAMMING - refers to our ability to organise and sequence our actions to achieve specific results.

Who will benefit?
This Program is essential for anyone serious about fulfilling their potential. Businessmen, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, Teachers, Professors, Consultants, HR executives, Managers, Lawyers, Salespeople & other Professionals will find it rewarding.

What will be learnt?
- How to access personal strengths & resources.
- How to solve problems at the subconscious level
- How to improve personal & professional relationships
- How to make rapid & lasting changes
- How to change internal mind states
- How to change your life perspective
- Modelling & reproducing excellence

Personal Excellence Through NLP: (The session is Highly activity based)

  • Introduction to NLP
  • NLP presuppositions
  • Structure of Experience : The VAK Model
  • Anchoring, Reframing, Modeling (ARM of NLP)
  • Positive anchoring using NLP techniques(The Golden circle of excellence)
  • The Swish Technique for removing negative habits and patterns
  • Programming for Confidence (Fire Eating)

Program Details:
We conduct these One day NLP programs for the general public regularly and advanced level programs once in two months.The program takes place in an Air conditioned star hotel ambience, with vegetarian buffet spread.We shall let you know the actual date and venue once they are finalized. For availing more details about this program and offers please register your details in the web site.